By Gary Peeples
Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 

North Carolina Bats And The Threat Of White Nose


Biologists string a net over the Davidson River to catch bats. (Photo courtesy of Gary Peeples)

One night this summer, just before dusk, a team of biologists gathered on the banks of the Davidson River by the fish hatchery. However, they weren't there for the river's trout or the hellbender salamanders.

They unfurled a pair of long nets, not unlike over-sized badminton nets, stretched them across the river, and waited. For the next few hours, biologists staffed that net, waiting for bats to fly into its thin fabric. Throughout the night, the biologists untangled bats from the net, then took them over to a table, where species, weight, gender and other data were recorded.


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