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Trump Disgraced Himself


Last night I watched a speech by Donald J. Trump from a broadcast in South Carolina. The broadcast had nothing new, the same old bragging about his wealth, who he knew, how important he is, his keen insights on world events, his incredible memory, oh, and did I mention his bragging about his wealth. He really did not have much new to say he hadn’t said before, except for the part that if he was elected president he would banish all Muslims, even if they were United States citizens.

Do you begin to get the picture. Say you were a Muslim, born in the good ole USA, a college graduate on sabbatical in France, and when you presented your passport to return home, were told by officials, “sorry you’re a Muslim. It’s against the law to enter our hallowed land ... you’re a Muslim!”

That’s the solution proposed by Trump. No Muslims allowed. This is what he told the audience in South Carolina. So where does an American Muslim from South Carolina return to, if not back into the place he was born?

Well “the Donald” has yet to figure this out. He’s an entrepreneur you know.

“The line between fact and fiction, between real and imagined, was blurring. The tether holding people together to civil behavior was fraying. They could see it, and hear it, and feel it coming apart.”

Maybe another day, another audience, another member of the audience asked to be removed by “the Donald,” after all he knew the audience loved him – who could resist?

Lackey Rowe



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