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Brevard High Students Inspired By Parkway Story – Brevard NC


Visited Waterfall At Graveyard Fields

Hello, we are students at Brevard High School and we took some students to the Blue Ridge Parkway last Friday. We got to see huge rocks, amazing views, lots of tall trees and we even got to hike down to a waterfall located at Graveyard Fields. It was about a 15-minute hike one-way, which included walking up and down lots and lots of stairs.

It was so worth it though, let me tell you! A few of the students had never been to the Parkway, so after reading your article we decided as a class that we should take them up there. Some had even lived in Transylvania County their whole life and had still never been up there!

Well, I think the views were so pretty and with the amazing mountains in the background it was perfect. I did enjoy the field trip even though I did get sick on the way over there and on the way back to the school. Overall, I had a great time!


Matthew Banks


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