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Transylvania County Sides With Cruz, Sanders - Brevard NC


Transylvania County residents bucked statewide trends in both presidential primaries Tuesday, preferring Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In the Republican presidential primary, Cruz was the winner in Transylvania County with 2,148 votes while Trump came in second with 1,941 votes. Statewide, however, Trump was the winner with 458,233 votes while Cruz finished second with 418,783 votes.

In the Democratic presidential primary, Sanders won Transylvania County with 1,956 votes while Clinton finished second with 1,804 votes.

However, Clinton won statewide with 616,568 votes while Sanders finished with 460,343 votes.

In the Republican race for U.S. Senate, incumbent Richard Burr won the county and state with 2,793 votes in the county and 621,844 votes statewide. Greg Brannon finished second in the county and state with 1,811 and 254,944 votes respectively.

In the Democratic race for U.S. Senate, Deborah Ross won the county with 2,116 votes and the state with 607,764 votes. Kevin Griffin finished second in the county with 488 votes but Chris Rey finished second in the state with 160,672 votes.

In the race for governor, both incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory and state Attorney General Roy Cooper won. In Transylvania, both men took 74 percent of the vote in their respective primaries with McCrory getting 3,855 votes and Cooper getting 2,517 votes. Statewide, McCrory won 869,114 votes, easily beating second place finisher Robert Brawley, who had 112,624 votes. Cooper won 703,141 votes, defeating Ken Spaulding, who garnered 319,381 votes.

In the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor, Holly Jones finished first locally with 1,554 votes; Linda Coleman, took second with 1,001 votes. Statewide, however, Coleman won with 494,433 votes while Jones finished second with 278,080 votes.

In the Republican primary for state Attorney General, Jim O’Neill defeated Buck Newton by 20 votes – 2,197 to 2,177 locally.

However, Newton won statewide with 499,616 votes compared to O’Neill’s 410,181 votes.

In the Democratic primary for state Attorney General, Josh Stein won Transylvania County with 1,790 votes; Marcus Williams had 1,281 votes. Stein also was the statewide winner, defeating Williams by a tally of 504,742 to 439,604.

The following are the local and statewide results in several other races:

Agriculture Commissioner — GOP Primary:

Transylvania County

Andy Stevens: 1,784 votes, 39.65 percent; Steve Troxler: 2,715 votes, 60.35 percent.


Andy Stevens: 285,038 votes, 31.19 percent; Steve Troxler: 628,847 votes, 68.81 percent.

Insurance Commissioner — GOP Primary:

Transylvania County

Joe McLaughlin: 1,473 votes, 36.12 percent; Ronald Pierce: 1,088 votes, 26.68 percent; Mike Causey: 1,517 votes 37.20 percent.


Joe McLaughlin: 270, 276 votes, 32.94 percent; Ronald Pierce: 212,042 votes, 28.85 percent; Mike Causey: 338,117 votes, 41.21 percent.

Labor Commissioner — Democratic Primary:

Transylvania County

Charles Meeker: 1,551 votes, 51.09 percent; Mazie Ferguson: 1,485 votes, 48.91 percent.


Charles Meeker: 525,722 votes, 56.62 percent; Mazie Ferguson: 402,846 votes, 43.38 percent.

Secretary of State —GOP Primary:

Transylvania County Michael LaPaglia: 2,648 votes, 65.21 percent; A.J. Daoud: 1,413 votes, 34.79 percent.


Michael LaPaglia: 495,380 votes, 61.57 percent; A.J. Daoud: 309,210 votes, 38.43 percent.

Superintendent of Public Instruction — GOP Primary:

Transylvania County

Mark Johnson: 2,022 votes, 49.03 percent; Rosemary Stein: 1,572 votes, 38.12 percent; J. Wesley Sills: 530 votes, 12.85 percent.


Mark Johnson: 438,166 votes, 53.39 percent; Rosemary Stein: 269,464 votes, 32.83 percent; J. Wesley Sills: 113,133 votes, 13.78 percent.

Superintendent of Public Instruction — Democratic Primary:

Transylvania County June Atkinson: 2,615 votes, 81.74 percent; Henry J. Pankey: 584 votes, 18.26 percent.


June Atkinson: 768,223 votes, 79.85 percent; Henry J. Pankey: 193,867 votes, 20.15 percent.

Treasurer — Democratic Primary:

Transylvania County

Dan Blue III: 1,621 votes, 53.78 percent; Ron Elmer: 1,393 votes, 46.22 percent.


Dan Blue III: 547,376 votes, 58.46 percent; Ron Elmer: 388,924 votes, 41.54 percent.

(For more information on all the races, go to North Carolina Board of Elections website at


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