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“It’s tragic and infuriating, at the very time when climate science experts are demanding that we begin making big reductions in carbon, for Duke to use its clout in the wrong direction,” said Jim Warren of NC WARN in a Desmog article published this week.

Indeed, in this tumultuous time for our environment, the actions of not only the energy sector but also of the individual are becoming ever more critical for the preservation of our resources. It is a tragic loss for North Carolina in particular that despite overwhelming support for more clean energy options, the preference of the citizens are repeatedly overlooked by the legislators. Large monopoly utilities such as Duke Energy continually lobby in opposition of legislation that would expand solar options. One such program, called third-party sales, would allow individuals to purchase solar energy without the barrier of large, upfront costs, making solar more affordable and accessible for all North Carolinians.

It’s time our legislators started listening to the demands of their constituents and start supporting more solar options.

Katie Nickels



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