The Rainbow Alliance Of Transylvania County 

There Is No 'Common Sense' In House Bill 2


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory says House Bill 2 (HB 2) is a “common sense” law. Let’s see if the governor’s claim holds water when we look at the facts:

1. Governor McCrory says the new law protects the safety and privacy of people while using the bathroom, yet there is no documented case of a transgendered person attacking anyone in any bathroom — in North Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S.

2. Before the law was passed, the relatively small number of transgendered people in North Carolina — perhaps a couple of thousand — had at least a minimal sense of protection. After HB 2, these vulnerable people with a condition called gender dysphoria will face far worse misunderstanding, discrimination and perhaps also threats to their personal safety.

3. Before HB 2 was passed, transgendered people used bathrooms according to their gender identity. Under HB 2, however, transgendered persons who look like men will now be legally required to use the women’s bathroom in public buildings. Does Governor McCrory think this will make women and girls feel safer? Can he imagine that a transgendered person dressed as a woman would feel safe being forced by the new law to use the men’s bathroom? Whether man or woman, girl or boy, transgendered or not, HB 2 will not promote anyone’s personal well-being.

4. Before HB 2 was passed, big-name artists like Bruce Springsteen scheduled concerts in our state and big businesses like Deutsche Bank were planning to create new jobs here — bringing with them much-needed entertainment dollars, jobs and tax revenues. After HB 2, Bruce Springsteen and other artists stopped scheduling concerts in our state and Deutsche Bank and other businesses pulled out of North Carolina. Good-bye to those much-needed jobs and revenues, a negative economic impact of $500 million to $1 billion per year in lost revenues, according to the UCLA School of Law.

5. Before the bill was passed, billions of dollars in federal funding already committed to North Carolina’s educational institutions were not in jeopardy. After HB 2, they are — up to $4 billion per year.

6. Before the law was passed, individuals fired due to their religion or race could sue in state court under anti-discrimination laws on the books for 30 years. Now, those who lose their jobs due to religion, race, national origin, age, sex or disability will have no recourse in state courts because HB 2 overturned N.C. anti-discrimination provisions that once protected them. That’s right: if you’re fired because of your religious beliefs, your race or other factors, you can no longer sue in state court, thanks to HB 2.

In summary, HB 2 harms a vulnerable minority group, will make many feel less safe in public bathrooms, hurt our state’s ability to attract job-creating businesses, threaten billions in federal funding for higher education, and gut state anti-discrimination measures that once offered employment protections on the basis of religion, race and other factors.

We believe North Carolina can do better — and is better — than HB 2.

“Common sense?” No, Mr. Governor. The unfair, unjust, and ill-considered HB 2 makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

We are among the rapidly growing number of people in North Carolina and throughout the country who say it’s time to repeal what rightfully should be called “Hate Bill 2.”

The Rainbow Alliance of Transylvania County

Rev. Rob Field, Rainbow Alliance co-founder

Rev. Nancy Richards, RA co-founder & co-president

Rev. Phillip Thomason, RA co-president

Elly Andujar

Susan Bir

Patrick Evans

Susan Farrar

Mary Lee Fennessy

Temica Ferguson

Rev. Ann Franklin

Mandy Heinitsh

Jane Hilliard

Bill Kimzey

Harvey Miller

Rain Parker

Dorothy Semans

Maria Shea

(The Rainbow Alliance is a local organization dedicated to improving the lives of all LGBTQ persons by educating, empowering and supporting our fellow Transylvania County community members. All signers of this letter are local residents.)


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