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Career Fair Held For Brevard High Students – Brevard NC


Pictured are Jaccob Duke, Tyler Mead, Gabrielle Underwood, Ashley Dickson, Jordan Pearson, Elijah Wilkes and Nick Fields. Standing left to right are Mason Baynard, Matthew Banks, Jason Merrill, Sargent Major Thomas Hall, Art Odell, Cindy Dennis, Stacey Gash, Jake Dorner, Aspehn Shaw, Dan Bennett and Zach White. (Courtesy photo)

On May 6, 2016, the Occupational Course of Study students at Brevard High School hosted a career fair. There were several different employers from the community who spoke about their jobs, skills and education needed to work in their field, what they looked for in an employee, and what could get someone fired. They talked about pay and benefits and described what a typical day looked like.

After all employers got a chance to speak, the hosting students asked many questions to their guests.

The speakers were Dan Bennett from D and B Electricity, Art Odell from Sycamore Cycles, Cindy Dennis from Spring Valley Farm Dog Care, Stacy Gash from Headstart Day Care, Jake Dorner from the Brevard Police Department, Jason Merrill, head of maintenance for Transylvania County Schools, and Sergeant Major Hall from the military.

Jaccob Duke of BHS said, "It was such a great day. I especially enjoyed listening to Sergeant Major Hall because I plan to join the military one day."

Another student said this about his experience with the career fair, "Ms. Cindy inspired me by teaching me about her business. She told me how her dogs can run outside! I am so excited to work with animals one day!"

There were many things that the students did that went into putting this event together. First the students made a list of businesses they wanted to learn more about. Then each student found a representative from a business they were interested in and then that student was in charge of getting all information to that representative. Finally, they got everything ready and welcomed the guests.

All in all, this event was a great success for everyone involved- both the students and the employers. Dennis, from Spring Valley Farm Dog Care said of the event, "My favorite part was watching all of the students be so interested and excited, listening to each different speaker. It was wonderful to see all of you so engaged!"

Mason Baynard from BHS said, "It was great for us at BHS. All of our hard work paid off when this job fair was such a success. I learned a lot that I can use to support myself in my future."


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