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Save Us From Nuclear Annihilation


The record says the president is a fraud. He is caving in to the warmongering psychopaths profiting from endless illegal, cowardly and unjustifiable wars while human needs go unmet, and the present course of events can only lead to extinction of millions of life forms, almost certain to include our own species, which I call Homo rapiens.

Dick Cheney has set the gold standard for evil in the short history of explosive human overpopulation of planet Earth. We have eight times the number of our species that can be sustained at a reasonable level of comfort. That can only mean continuous conflict by runaway populations demanding a share of dwindling resources. Nuclear war becomes more likely with every passing day.

Why? Why is the president trying to set a new record for evil? What is he doing to his two beautiful daughters?

Our environment is already contaminated with lethal radioisotopes forever. Does he not understand the concept of half-lives? Nuclear power and nuclear arms must be shut down now — tonight if possible. If and when The People can be made to understand what governments are doing to us, there will be a revolution. Sadly, it may come too late. It may already be too late.

Don Richardson, M.D.



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