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Wasteful Spending


Last updated 7/18/2016 at 4:52pm

I have read several people’s opinions on the proposed bypass. Many friends tell me don’t worry, that they have been discussing that for years.

The apparent disregard for the waste of taxpayer monies as demonstrated by the recent $400,000 purchase and proposed renovation to public parking of the less than quarter acre lot on Jordan Street assures me that no level of tomfoolery and absurdity is impossible or improbable.

The proposed bypass ignores the fact that all the downtown businesses live and die on traffic of the consuming public and traffic count has long been one of the key criterions for locating businesses. The bypass proposal has suggested that only local folks would use the bypass but in the day of satellite navigation, that suggestion should be absurd on its face. Out of towners will quickly discover any “short cut” as soon as several people turn to take the bypass at the slightest traffic delay.

I suggest the city council not “kill the fatted calf” (businesses) and further follow the suggestions of planners. Our local businesses thrive in the summer and starve in the winter when we don’t have the advantage of Summertime residents and visitors. Many restaurants close for the slower winter months because they can’t support the financial losses. Others “eat their seed corn” in the winter and just hang on for the first signs of spring.

Wasteful spending of tax dollars as demonstrated by the proposed Jordan Street City parking lot fiasco, which I might add is directly adjacent to a tax paying, privately owned, parking lot, should be discouraged.

John Johnson



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