Copelof's Rules Make Sense


We recently heard Maureen Copelof speak at the Democratic Women’s Club. Copelof is the Democratic candidate for N.C. House of Representatives District 113. Of the things she spoke about, one of them really made an impression on us. What she said is so easy to remember and apply to daily decisions, that we wonder why we don’t see and hear of it more often So here it is.

Copelof sees two simple rules that every legislative representative must ask themselves before voting on any piece of legislation. They are:

Rule 1. Have I truly listened to both sides of the issue?

Rule 2. Will the legislation help the people I have been elected to represent?

These rules are not complicated, are easy to apply to decision making and would have saved the state of North Carolina millions of dollars had the governor and his cohorts used Rule 1 and Rule 2, and not rushed to pass legislation. This is shown in the following examples: The Appellate Court decisions overturning both the voter ID law and the racially based gerrymandering / redistricting of voting districts, HB2 now facing overturn in Appellate Court, and the Duke Power coal ash situation.

Copelof stated, strongly, that these two rules would be paramount in how she would decide to vote, if she were to be elected to the N.C. House District 113. We need to elect Maureen Copelof.

Celia Ansley

Martha Spencer



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