Vote For Henson


As a young voter in Transylvania County I would like to encourage other young voters, all voters for that matter, to get out and vote this election season.

With so much attention on the presidential race, local and state positions are being overlooked. Our lives are impacted much more by these local elected officials than they ever will be by who sits in the White House.

I would like to encourage the voters of Transylvania County to vote for Cody Henson for the N.C. House District 113 seat that has been vacated by Chris Whitmire. Henson was born and raised here in Transylvania County. He went to school here, and is now raising his family here. He has deep roots in our county and genuinely has its best interest at heart. He recognizes the importance of education, jobs and family values. He has a fresh perspective and will bring new ideas and a strong voice to help represent the Western part of this state in Raleigh.

In the midst of so much political turmoil surrounding the national races, even if you choose not to vote for president, remember to vote local and vote Cody Henson.

Brandon Newman



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