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Disdain For Forefathers


October 10, 2016

I was struck by the headline on page 2B of the Sept. 26 Transylvania Times which read, “American Revolutionaries Were Not Well-Behaved.” The headline was stated as a fact, not the author’s opinion of American patriots during the Revolutionary War.

I did not read the book nor am I familiar with the author, Alan Taylor, who from the short write-up of the book, “American Revolutions, A Continental History, 1750-1804,” apparently was not a fan of our founding fathers since the write-up stated, “His version of the Revolutionary War is not of well-behaved, honorable men fighting for freedom.”

Under the category, “New At The Library,” there were four books listed under “Fiction” and four under “Nonfiction.” My question is, why was Taylor’s book selected to be highlighted with a bold-faced negative headline describing our founding fathers as “not well-behaved” instead of one of the other books? Perhaps the headline writer may be in agreement with Taylor that those who fought for our independence were not “honorable” men.

The Revolutionary War, like all wars, was not pretty. And, I have no doubt that some of our patriots who fought for our independence, like the British, may have been involved in atrocities. However, what bothers me is where the emphasis is placed. Namely, that our forefathers were not honorable men or “were not well-behaved.” All one has to do is take a ride down to the battlefields at Cowpens and Kings Mountain to have pride in our patriot forefathers rather than the disdain exhibited by Mr. Taylor and your headline writer.

No wonder so many of our young people from elementary school through college have such a low regard of the founding of our great country.

Bob Youngerman



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