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By Matt McGregor
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Anchor Delivering Aid To Flooding Victims – Pisgah Forest NC


October 13, 2016

Clara Guzik, Nathanial Velez and Ruth Sheehan help out Tuesday at the Anchor Baptist Church's warehouse. Rachel Sheehan moves boxes at the warehouse. (Times photos by Matt McGregor)

Pisgah Forest's Anchor Baptist Church is meeting the disaster in Lumberton, N.C., head on through its emergency relief warehouse.

Lumberton, located in Robeson County, is experiencing major flooding after the Lumber River crested following Hurricane Matthew.

Michael Blanton, Anchor Baptist's warehouse manager, has already made two trips to Pembroke, another town in Robeson County, but is located on higher ground and is providing shelter for Lumberton residents.

"There was a need and we rose to meet it," Blanton said Tuesday. "There are 700 people sitting in a shelter, and the National Guard and FEMA haven't done anything yet, so we are trying to help until they get there."

Blanton took two pallets of water, juice, vitamins and canned foods, said Martha Sexton, a volunteer at the relief warehouse.

She said in these situations victims get desperate for water, because if they are on a well they've got to wait for the water to recede, and, she said, if they use city water, they have to wait for the reservoir to be cleaned.

She said they also pulled large amounts of canned food from their warehouse.

"With canned food, you don't have to cook it, and it's not perishable," Sexton added.

Anchor Baptist Church has been responding to disasters like this since Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Blanton said.

"The most recent disasters we helped with were the floods in West Virginia and the one last year in South Carolina," Sexton said. "We sent two tractor trailer loads to South Carolina. Each load cost $20,000, so we are grateful for any help we can get."

Blanton said if the community wants to contribute to their relief efforts, it's better to donate money instead of going out and buying items.

"We can go out and get more far out of a dollar," Blanton said. "We can get 84 cases of water for $150 a pallet, and so you are getting a dollar and a half return," Blanton said.

Every dime goes to the disaster relief fund, he said.

"We don't take anything out," Blanton said. "One hundred percent of your donation goes to the victims."

Sexton said they are glad to offer it. She said the church is lucky to have the opportunity to serve the community.

"I hate that these things happen," Sexton said. "You never know what disaster strikes next, so we try to stay prepared."

To find out how to help, call (828) 884-7610 or visit Anchor Baptist Church at 3232 Hendersonville Highway.


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