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Trump Is Republican Nominee


October 13, 2016

The Republican Party appears to have lost it.

They have nominated and supported Donald Trump, a man who has never had experience in politics or governing at any level, who is clearly not knowledgeable about important national and international issues, who has shown very poor judgment in numerous businesses (four bankruptcies or so), who has dumped two previous wives, and who is personally crude, insulting, racist and sexist.

This is the family values, expert businessman, flag-bearer for Republicans?

You could argue that Trump is the logical outcome of the party’s behavior: their “our way or the highway” obstructionist behavior in Congress, their contempt for our first black president and their dim view of our great nation.

And yet most Republicans maintain strong support, and even enthusiasm for this man.

He is the party’s man!

On the other hand, some prominent Party members have disowned Trump publicly, but just a few (and this only just recently) who are actually running for election.

What will we hear from our North Carolina candidates?

Why should anyone vote for them?

Bill Thomas

Cedar Mountain


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