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Global Warming: Protecting Our Fragile World


October 24, 2016

When confronted with the facts, some people choose to ignore them… some people manipulate them …some people use them like weapons to wound those with different facts. And really, that is too bad. It’s too bad because in spite of the consensus of almost all the world’s scientists, there are people who will choose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore that which is unraveling around them. It can be comforting to do so.

For example, I remember walking around in the snow last winter laughing to myself, “So much for global warming.” It is convenient on a cold day to think that the changes in our atmosphere are simply cyclical and have nothing to do with the things we humans do. However, the determination of a scholarly scientific community is based on the gathering of data.

1.Sea levels are rising. This matters because those living in coastal areas will see more frequent flooding and more damage to human lives and property.

2.The glaciers of the world are receding, affecting the levels of the ocean as mentioned earlier. Island nations of the Pacific are the most dramatic evidence of the rising seas as some of them are actually disappearing!

3.The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased dramatically since the seventies when industrialization was producing more and more toxic carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane gases. 4.Since 1950 the ambient temperatures of our beloved Earth have shown dramatic and steady increases making the past few decades the hottest in centuries! In fact, this past year was among the hottest. And…“We show higher temperatures at present than anytime in past 1,000 years.” ( global warming – page 10 of 213.)

So, what has changed? It’s safe for even the non-schooled to make the observation that the industrialization of the world has happened. The use of fossil fuels has increased dramatically since the 1860’s. I think if one were to ask anyone of a certain age (like mine) if the weather has changed in the last 30 or 40 years you would get a resounding, “yes!”

For the record then, this political person wants our state to do its bit to reduce the emission of CO2, CO, and methane. We can do this by rejecting the increased mining of fossil fuels and the gradual growth of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. So, yes, I would reject off-shore drilling and I would reject fracking (for other reasons as well.) I would encourage the use of tax incentives to encourage the continued improvement and affordability of alternate energy sources. And, yes, I would hurry up the cleaning of our coal ash problem before our ground water becomes even more polluted. These are life and death issues, not just property value issues! We must protect our fragile world!

(Norman Bossert is a candidate for State Senate, (48th District) in North Carolina.)


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