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Elect The Most Qualified


November 3, 2016

How do you pick your doctor? How do you decide on the best person to represent you in a court of law? You find out who is best qualified to do the job and check out their experience and training.

We should pick who represents us in government with similar criteria. We also want people that can put the job as their top priority and be accessible to all they represent. Representation has been lacking in the last few years to the point that even our county commissioners ask the public to please help get the attention of our representatives. We need new leadership, not more of the same.

Norm Bossert has spent a lifetime of taking care of our most valuable assets, our children. He will be able to concentrate all his efforts on representing us as a retired public school principal. He knows firsthand the needs of working families and will make sure our government serves our needs. We will be his top priority as our North Carolina state senator.

Maureen Copelof chose these mountains as her home decades ago. After 30 years serving to defend our rights in the Navy, she has invested her time and talents here in the mountains helping people. When she was working on the Transylvania County 2025 Comprehensive Plan Survey and didn’t think all segments of our community were being reached, she walked door to door, night after night. This was long before deciding to run for office. We will be her top priority and she will represent all of us in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Norm Bossert and Maureeen Copelof are qualified to do the job. Their experience and training have prepared them for the challenging job. We need new representatives that we can rely to work full-time for all of us.

Jacquelyn Hovey



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