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Kaepernick Should Visit Cemeteries


November 3, 2016

Colin Kaepernick is perfectly correct within his Constitutional Article 1 rights to protest his grievance. There are others who are in agreement with him.

However, he may not understand what the American flag stands for; that many soldiers have died protecting our flag.

I suggest he visit a national cemetery and see the gravestones and flag of our heroes. These cemeteries are filled with my comrades who died to protect our freedom.

The gravesites do not discriminate in color, black, blue, white, etc., but freedom for all.

He has the freedom to earn money and have a comfortable life. I have a suggestion; he can distribute his money to the families, wives, mothers, fathers, children, of our fallen heroes which have left a void in their lives. Also, he can visit our inner cities and reconstruct the homes, businesses, schools to bring back the economy that was lost in the depressed areas to those who need work to support their families.

I request him to consider having civility which will create better harmony and greatly hinder political correctness that has tried our freedom of speech.

He will be a hero.

Henry Ramo



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