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November 3, 2016

Yesterday, (Oct. 20) I received a message from my school secretary that there was a need to evacuate Republican headquarters in Hendersonville. I was very disturbed by that, and, like so many other people, found myself speculating as to who would have done something like that. When I lived in Europe on a NATO Base in Belgium, it wasn’t so odd to receive such calls. When they came, we would hurriedly evacuate the school building in which I was teaching. Back then we wondered if there were terrorists out there trying to hurt or frighten us. Today’s speculation about Republican HQ was rife with suspicion.

Some of my Democratic friends had been speculating that it was a Republican who “dun” it. Some of my Republican friends have speculated that it was crazed liberal Democrat. As it turns out, we are all wrong. The suspect has been captured and detained and from here I will encourage the media to publish the details. Until found guilty, I won’t weigh in on the perpetrator, but the person was neither Democrat nor Republican.

Regardless of who it was, it has become the nature of our current angry partisanship that provides people with an excuse to do things they might have otherwise filtered. So, for the sake of this short piece, I hope you will all understand that I am not going to spread that anger here. Instead, I would rather address a more healthy view. I count many people my friends who differ from me in their political views. Though we disagree mightily on political issues and may debate them with conviction, we still can shake hands and agree to disagree, and vote!

It is time for us to move to a new paradigm where political differences are the subject of mutual respect and not thoughtless name calling. As an elementary school principal, I can say that I see in 9 year olds the same sort of name calling I hear on the television from grown men and women.

“You’re a puppet.”

“No I’m not, you are.”

Parents of fourth graders, does this sound vaguely familiar? There is an issue buried somewhere in the name calling, but who can hear it in the din of anger?

I call on all people who truly love our Republic to join with me in creating a better dialogue, one we can share with our children without embarrassment. Soon this election will be over. I can’t wait. Let’s all wash our hands and maybe even our mouths on Nov. 9 and rebuild our communities with a hearty congratulations to all those who won their elective seats with a sincere hope that they have success … success for most of us, if not all. George Bush made that wish for Barack Obama. We should do no less for our newly elected officials.

Oh, by the way, at my school in Belgium, we found out the bomb threats were made by high schoolers on test days! Hmmm.

(Norman Bossert is a candidate for N.C. State Senate, 48th District.)


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