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Ryan Vs. Meadows


November 7, 2016

By the time this letter appears in the paper, the election will be almost over. Therefore, allow me to say as a conservative unaffiliated voter, that it is time to start looking for a good conservative to run for Congress in the Republican primary in two years against Mark Meadows.

Our congressman is one of his caucus’ most anti-Paul Ryan members. The one person who is focused on preserving the GOP majority in the House is the Speaker, Paul Ryan. He’s appeared with roughly 100 House members by helping them raise more than $10 million for their campaigns. From his own PAC, he’s transferred nearly $35 million to the House GOP campaign committee. If Republicans maintain control of the House, Ryan will deserve a large share of the credit.

And yet, for all Ryan has done to re-elect Republicans, many of whom are in close races (unlike Meadows), a small number of members of the Freedom Forum (who wanted to close down the government) are talking about challenging Ryan as Speaker, even though they lack a credible opponent to replace him, and that includes Meadows.

Ryan is the one Republican who is capable of challenging the liberal Clinton agenda. He needs allies in his caucus, not opponents like Meadows. Let’s start thinking about a Meadow’s replacement in two years.

Bob Youngerman



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