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As A Precaution, County Issues 'State Of Emergency' – Transylvania County NC


November 21, 2016

As of this morning, Transylvania County was still in a “state of emergency” because of the potential threat of the Pinnacle Mountain, S.C., wildfire, but officials said there was no “immediate threat” from it.

On Sunday, Transylvania County commissioners issued the “state of emergency,” allowing, if the case arose, for the county to issue evacuation notices or other actions.

No calls for evacuation have been issued as of this morning.

The fire grew about 100 acres Sunday, according to Frank “Buster” Rogers, county ranger with the N.C. Forest Service

“It did get about a half mile closer to North Carolina, but it is still about a mile to 2 miles from the North Carolina state line,” he said this morning. “(Firefighters) did some aerial drops on the wildfire yesterday with what they call super scoopers, plus helicopter drops on it, and they have two 20-man teams on it putting a fire line around it and backfiring it.”

Fire lines are being put in place along the North Carolina/South Carolina border, from Sassafras Mountain to Gun Gap, basically the Foothills Trail and the proposed Headwaters Forest property, he said.

Kevin Shook, the county’s communications (911) director, said they’ve had several meetings with South Carolina and Forest Service officials.

“We are still continuing to monitor the fire at the state line, where the fire breaks are being strengthened at this point, and once we get the briefing from what occurred over night, as far as any spread or anything, then we will make operation plans today to match what we need to do,” he said. “Everything that was done yesterday was preventative — to have things in place. Crews helped homeowners clear away leaves and brush from beside their homes on Dolly Masters Road and roads off of Dolly Masters Road as a precaution.”

The fire is not at a point that evacuation is at the “top of our list right now,” Shook said.

“Unless something dramatically changes, the fire is still in South Carolina,” he said. “Things could change very quickly, as you know with the drought and wind. It could spread, and that’s why we are doing this precautionary (work).

“The main thing is we want to stress is don’t panic. It’s being monitored. We are staying on top of this as much as we can so that everybody is informed in a timely fashion. We are trying to eliminate any time of panic. The thing that would be most helpful from our standpoint is to… rake leaves away from homes if you are living in the critical areas that are close to the fire. It would be a good time to do some leaf raking away from the house.”


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