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Last updated 11/28/2016 at 5:17pm

I was shocked at the ugly, partisan attack that Larry Chapman made in his “Veterans Day” letter. Veterans Day is a day when we as Americans, regardless of political affiliation, come together to honor those who have served their country. Divisive, partisan statements have no place in the celebration of this special day.

Throughout my 30 years of active military service I was proud to serve with men and women from every political persuasion, of every race, ethnicity and religion. We had a common protect and defend the Constitution of this great country that we all loved and were willing to sacrifice to protect. Partisan politics was never a dividing factor. We were shipmates and sworn to help one another in the pursuit of our common goal.

Patriotism does not belong to any one political party. It transcends political divisions and should be the force that unites us as we move ahead during this contentious election year. Larry Chapman’s attempt to use the cover of Veterans Day to make his blatantly partisan statements sound patriotic is shameful. This was not a veteran speaking; this was a politician demeaning the true purpose of Veterans Day.

One the great things about our country is that we can hold different political views and still work together and respect one another. Chapman seems to have forgotten that we need to respect our fellow citizens, respect other politicians even if we don’t agree with their position on issues and respect all our veterans regardless of their political affiliation.

My thoughts on veterans day were how proud I am to be an American, how proud to stand with our veterans from WWII, Korea, VietNam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. I proudly served in the U.S. military and proudly stand with veterans from all political parties as we continue to work for the values this country stands for...freedom, equality, and dignity for all.

Maureen Copelof

Captain, USN (Ret)



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