Four-Lane All Of Rosman Highway


Last updated 12/5/2016 at 5:20pm

While there has been a good deal of discussion about re-routing traffic around Brevard this year, nobody has mentioned improvements to Rosman Highway, which are also badly needed.

What many do not realize today is that several decades ago, this highway was straightened and was also to have been a four-lane road from Brevard to the Western entrance/exit of Rosman.

Instead, in the midst of the project, the N.C. DOT decided to make the new road only a two-lane affair from Cathey’s Creek Church Road to the above location. One can still see the drainways, and some of the other understructures if a careful look at the roadsides is made.

Since the right-of-ways are already purchased, and possibly no existing structures would be affected, why not complete this stretch of the highway? The current project near Lake Toxaway Falls is only going to be a modest improvement to the road with bad stretches on both the eastern and Western sides of what will be a widened and straighter road for a rather short distance. My suggestion here isn’t a cure-all by any means, but would be a relatively simple way of improving the situation as it is today.

Geoffrey Stevens



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