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Did A U.S. Spy Kill Kennedy?


December 19, 2016

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Meyer, Stephanie. “The Chemist.” Though she was an expert in her field, she is now in hiding from the U.S. government, her former employer. She knew too many secrets and the agency decided she was a threat. Since then, she’s on the run, constantly moving and changing her name. But when learning the only way to have a normal life again is to do one last job for the agency who wants her dead, she realizes she is willing to take the risk. (FIC MEY)

Newman, Emma. “After Atlas.” When Atlas left Earth 40 years ago, Carlos’s life was irreparably changed. Atlas took his mother away, sent his father over-the-edge, and brought Alejandro Casales and his crazy cult, the Circle, into Carlos’s life. Now Casales is dead and Carlos is in charge of the investigation, a job that will send him back into his past where he will find more pain. (SF FIC NEW)

Rancic, Bill. “First Light.” Years ago, Daniel and Kerry survived a plane crash in the Yukon. Kerry and other passengers were severely injured and it was up to Daniel and another man to find help. But the other man didn’t care about anyone getting help and Daniel forged the road alone. (FIC RAN)

Woodman, Cathy. “Accidentally in Love.” The new vet in town is a Harley-riding, leather-clad rough guy with a sweet personality. Everyone in town thinks Ross is great, except vet nurse Shannon. But when she finds she has no place to live, Shannon realizes living with Ross platonically is her only choice. Over time their friendship deepens, and when Shannon has a life-threatening accident, Ross realizes he can no longer deny his feelings. (FIC WOO)


Miller, Ben. “The Aliens are Coming: The Extraordinary Science Behind Our Search for Life in the Universe.” Award-winning science writer Ben Miller says it is time for us to stop thinking of life on other planets as science fiction. There is mounting evidence from physicists, chemists and biologists that we are not alone in the universe. What this life will look like remains to be seen. (576.839 MIL)

Napol, Lisai. “Ray and Joan: The Man Who Made the McDonald’s Fortune and the Woman Who Gave it All Away.” Ray Kroc was setting up McDonald’s franchises around the country when he met a beautiful piano player named Joan. She was different than women he had known — feisty and determined. Ray made millions and watched his money slip away as Joan gave it to philanthropic charities. (B Kroc)

Wilcox, Robert K. “Target JFK: The Spy Who Killed Kennedy?” The matter of who killed John F. Kennedy is as much a question today as it was when the assassination took place. Author Robert Wilcox suggests that the president’s killer was not only a spy, but also a Hollywood stuntman and audacious WWII paratrooper. (973.922 WIL)

Ziegler, Dominic. “Black Dragon River: A Journey Down the Amur River between Russia and China.” Journalist Dominic Ziegler travels the ninth largest river in the world, the Amur, which serves as the border between Russia and China. Rich in history and culture, the region holds tightly to the past. From Genghis Khan to modern day, the Amur River symbolizes shame for China and renewal for Russia (915.77 ZIE)


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