Play Leads To Best Creations


December 26, 2016

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Bova, Ben. “Apes and Angels.” The first installment in this series, “Death Wave,” focused on mankind’s effort to save intelligent life beyond the Milky Way. In Apes and Angels, a wide-spread sphere of death has wiped out each world it has touched and is heading straight for planet Earth. The Predecessors, people from Ancient Earth, must step in to save those who still inhabit the planet. (SF FIC BOV)

Clare, Alys. “A Rustle of Silk.” Dr. Gabriel Taverner takes a position as a country doctor in the small town of Devon, but he is suspicious that some of the locals aren’t happy about him being there. And when he examines a decomposing body belonging to a man he knows, Taverner knows his concerns are real. (M FIC CLA)

Lamb, Wally. I’ll Take You There. Film expert Felix is setting up Monday night’s movie when the ghost of Lois Webster, a former silent-film director, stops by to show Felix his past. As scenes from his life are projected onto the big screen Felix begins to see the strong influence three particular women have had on his life: his daughter, his sister, and a would-be beauty pageant contestant. (FIC LAM)

Reichs, Kathy. “The Bone Collection.” Four Novellas. Known for her thrilling forensic writing, Reichs electrifies readers in these short works of fiction. The first is the story of how Tempe becomes a forensic anthropologist. The remaining three stories focus on her journey into the seedy underbelly of criminal investigation, including working in the Everglades wrestling enormous pythons and on Mount Everest researching frozen corpses. (FIC REI)


Baird, Julia. “Victoria the Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire.” Victoria was no ordinary queen. She was outspoken, loved power, and lived through eight assassination attempts. She gave birth to nine children, and when her husband Prince Albert died, Victoria began a controversial relationship with a servant. (B Victoria)

Ito, Joi and Jeff Howe. “Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future.” With our faster, cheaper technology virtually every person on the planet has access and billions of strangers are only “one-click away” from one another. This combination has led to a change in what were once considered private moments, as they are now public. This rapid change requires navigating a steep learning curve and quickly. (303.483 ITO)

Johnson, Steven. “Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World.” Johnson argues that it is when people are happily at play that the most avant-garde innovation comes alive. The author looks to artists, explorers, and magicians, among others, to show how play has changed history. (790.1 JOH)

Snow, Richard. “Iron Dawn: The Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War Sea Battle that Changed History.” In response to the Confederate army’s capture of the Merrimack during the Civil War, the North commissioned an extensive warship, the Monitor. President Lincoln was even involved in its design. The ship was built in 100 days, sank twice on its voyage, and arrived to find the Merrimack had already destroyed half of the Union fleet. But the next day, the Monitor was ready and stood its ground against the Confederates. (973.731 SNO)


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