Henson Represents Future


December 29, 2016

Although our representative Cody Henson has barely finished the orientation week in N.C. State Senate, he has already shown through successful campaigning and desire to serve that under his leadership our communities will once again be put on the right path to prosperity.

Needless to say, the political atmosphere in the U.S. changed drastically after Donald Trump’s sensational victory.

These changes will also reverberate to youth politics, which thus far has been dominated by students from left-leaning campuses.

Mr. Henson represents a completely different “breed” of young political leaders.

Instead of being a sociology/gender studies/political science student with overly sensitive feelings and demands for entitlements (a.k.a free stuff), Henson has had to work to provide for himself and his young family. It is precisely this fact that should give us comfort in knowing that we have a young leader who understands what hard work, dedication and life mean. I am not convinced whether most of his peers in university campuses have any understanding of these.

Henri Erti



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