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I Have Hope


December 29, 2016

For Michelle Obama to say “...what not having hope feels like” is very disconcerting.

I have loads of hope: I hope I can keep my doctor. I hope I can keep my medical plan without it costing a fortune.

I hope the president-elect cuts my taxes.

I hope Hillary runs again in 2020. I hope California secedes from the Union, and takes the upper Westside of NYC with them.

I hope all the equine posteriors, that promised to leave the country if Trump was elected, will please do so. I’m loaded with all kinds of hope.

But most of all I hope for the short time I have left in this “vale of tears,” I will not have to listen to Barry O defend his legacy and Willie and Hilly moan about why they lost.

Will somebody, please, advise Michelle that “Hope Springs Eternal in the Breast of Man.”

Tom Maund



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