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Curb The Cost Of Prescriptions


January 2, 2017

On behalf of seniors such as myself who are living on limited budgets, I would like to suggest that a major priority for 2018 is to vote out all members of Congress who refuse to do anything about the extremely over inflated charges and profits the drug manufacturers are gouging us with, even for some generics. One example is a retail cost of $15 for a 3 mg. generic capsule made by two different companies. Dare I suggest some collusion there?

My father was a cost accountant for a large drug manufacturer, and I remember him saying back in the early 1960s that if the public had any idea of the difference between the cost and the pricing, there would be some kind of a mutiny. Well, the difference between then and now is quite unimaginable to be sure.

Meanwhile, some of us are forced to make difficult decisions about what to do without in order to subsidize the Medicare Part D insurance companies who are allowed the “Donut Hole” until 2020. This is more than likely to get worse without significant and determined intervention.

So, at the cost of embarrassing myself, I am asking those who can empathize to get politically active on this issue. No amoral CEO needs a $60 million bonus under any circumstance, particularly when a retired person can end up spending ten percent of her/his gross income keeping up with medication needs.

Connie MacLellan



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