By Marcy Thompson
Picturing The Past 

X-ray Machines Used To Help Fit Shoes


Last updated 1/16/2017 at 6:08pm

Plummer's Department Store x-ray shoe fitter.

The x-ray shoe fitter was a fluoroscope machine used to aid in the fitting of shoes. Three different individuals, all from Milwaukee, claimed to have invented the machine in the early 1920s. The X-Ray Shoe Fitter Corporation of Milwaukee was one of the two largest shoe-fitting fluoroscope manufacturers in the world.

To use the x-ray shoe fitter, the customer would stand on a step at the base of the machine with their feet in two openings. They could view the bones of their feet inside their shoes by looking into a viewing porthole. Shoe stores advertised the x-ray shoe fitter as a meth...

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