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January 16, 2017

We’ve all heard and remember Trump’s promises to build a wall along the Mexican borders, to keep illegal Mexicans from crossing into America and ruining our economy, taking jobs from American citizens, molesting our women folk, and increasing crime, etc. Now Trump is on the threshold of becoming our 45th president.

Since building this wall was one of his first priorities, so I think it is timely to ask (demand) where does he stand now on building that wall?

Exactly, how many miles of wall are we talking about? Where does the wall start and where does it end? How much private property will the federal government have to seize and how much will the government have to pay for it?

Trump also needs to factor in the impact and the addition to costs of purchasing private property, invading national parks land, Indian reservations, and the cost of the impact the wall will have on ranch owners and farmers.

We know four states will be impacted if Trump’s wall is built: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. We know five Mexican states will be impacted: Senora, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Baja California and Tamaulipas. We know the cost of fencing to be $6.5 million per mile for pedestrian fencing, and $1.7 per mile for vehicle fencing, and we know the Rio Grand River is 1,240 miles long and will need patrolling.

Since Trump has said securing the Southern border is a cornerstone of his candidacy, when is he going to begin this project and how much will it cost?

Lackey Rowe



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