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Coastal Urban Elites Donate To Democrats


January 19, 2017

One of the more interesting columns I have read recently was by Michael Barone in the Wall Street Journal of Jan. 11 of this year. Barone completed a study in collaboration with the Capital Research Center that tries to answer the question of who do the elite in what he describes as the Big Four cities, support financially in political races across the country? The big four cities are New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and their surrounding suburbs and exurbs, which Barone describes as “super zip code” areas.

The study analyzed political contributions from the most affluent parts of the country during the 2013-2014 campaign cycle, which was the most recent for which complete data are available. Researchers examined individual donations to political candidates of the two major parties. They did not look at donations from businesses, special interest groups, labor unions or money given to party committees and super PACs. The super zip code areas chosen for the study were those that rank highest in education and income. Then, with data on political donations in local, state, and federal elections compiled by the “center-left website, Follow The,” they found that Americans in the most elite 5 percent who live in the Big Four super zip areas, donated overwhelmingly to Democrats. Ninety-six million dollars to Democrats to $30 million to Republicans.

When only out-of-state donations are reviewed, 70 percent of the money from super zips to candidates out of state went to Democrats: $48 million versus $21 million for Republicans.

Barone concludes that “it is simply not true that the Republicans are the party of the rich and Democrats the party of the little guy.”

Bob Youngerman



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