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Destructive, Sexist Comments


February 6, 2017

It is disturbing how insensitive, thoughtless and bigoted some politicians can be at times. Several North Carolina politicians posted sexist comments following the Women’s Marches held throughout the nation on Saturday, Jan. 21.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey shared a photo on his Facebook page of women marching with the following text: “In one day, Trump got more fat women out walking than Michele Obama did in 8 years.”

State senator Joyce Krawiec, who also was former vice chair of the state Republican Party, tweeted, “Message to crazies @ Women’s March – If brains were lard, you couldn’t grease a small skillet. You know who you are.”

The head of the Union County Republican Party Roger Stanton posted on Facebook that the Women’s March in Washington was “the hag and ho” show.

And then there’s state Rep. Michael Speciale who called the women’s march a “joke.” That’s not bad until one considers that his 38-year-old son pleaded guilty in 2015 to two counts of second degree sexual offense: one against a 17-year-old and one against a 14-year-old. He is currently serving time in prison.

When these comments were publicized and rightly criticized, most of the offenders apologized, albeit to different degrees.

Causey apologized for his “momentary lapse in judgment” and said the post did “not reflect my feelings toward women.”

Krawiec was less encompassing in her apology, which she reserved for “those women who marched for the right reasons.” She said was referring to “the DC protesters dressed inappropriately and spewing foul language” in her “brains were lard” comment and was not apologizing to them.

Stanton said his emotions got the better of him and he wished he had expressed his opinions differently.

Speciale, from what we could find, has not apologized at all. That should not be a surprise because he also did not apologize a few years ago when he said, “Should I choose the ax or the baseball bat?” during a discussion on the floor of the General Assembly about euthanasia of puppies.

Despite these halfhearted apologies, these postings accurately reveal what these people believe at a primal level – that women who might disagree with them are fat, crazy, ugly and whores. They are subjects to be ridiculed. There was no thought given to these hundreds of thousands of women being equal citizens who were expressing their concerns about the treatment of women and others who have been historically disenfranchised.

Krawiec‘s refusal to apologize to the women who used such “foul language” indicates that it is all right for the current president of the United States to use such “foul language” but it is “disrespectful” and “crazy” for women to repeat his vulgar and offensive terms to show their disgust at what he has said about women. She completely missed the point they were attempting to make with their “foul language.” Her comments represent an inability to empathize with other people.

The comments these politicians made were nothing but cheap shots that served no constructive purpose whatsoever, just a smug venting of their spleen. And while such comments are offensive, it’s not unusual for people to make such comments in private amongst close confidantes. But for elected officials to make such comments in a public forum is inexcusable. Most of us would punish our children severely if they called a woman they did not know “crazy” or a “whore.” In fact, if teachers or school administrators caught schoolchildren saying such things those students would be punished and possibly suspended for such bullying.

Language that we do not tolerate from our children should not be tolerated from our elected officials. In a civil society, people do not say derogatory things about other groups of people – especially when those people are simply exercising their rights peacefully without breaking any laws.

If these people cannot comport themselves civilly, then they do not deserve to sit in the General Assembly. And if people believe that bar of behavior is too high, then we are, indeed, in great trouble.


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