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County To Get First Mental Health Kiosk – Brevard NC


February 16, 2017

Vaya Health will unveil its first MindKare Behavioral Health Kiosk on Friday in Transylvania County to increase awareness about common and treatable mental health conditions, to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and asking for help, and to increase access to quality care through local treatment referrals.

Vaya Health is partnering with Transylvania Public Health to place the kiosk in the first-floor lobby of the Community Services Building. The kiosk offers a touch screen display to offer anonymous screenings of common mental health concerns, give feedback on results and provide referrals to treatment, including a direct VoIP line to connect users with the Vaya Health call center.

Vaya Health plans to place MindKare kiosks in all 23 counties that they serve in upcoming months.

Mental health was identified by community members as one of the top three health priorities in Transylvania County in 2015. The mental health kiosks can help with strategies known to improve mental health care, such as increasing screening and referrals, reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions and providing education on how to access mental health care.

MindKare Behavioral Health Kiosks aim to reduce stigma by making learning about and screening for treatable conditions like depression or anxiety as commonplace as a blood pressure screening.

The freestanding kiosks are designed for public spaces and use an interactive touch screen display to provide a safe, anonymous way for individuals to check in on their mental health.

The kiosks include screenings for six mental health issues: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and alcohol use disorders. Individuals are provided with an assessment of their mental health, information on whether their results are consistent with a mental health disorder, educational information about common mental health conditions and access to quality treatment resources in their area.

The first MindKare kiosk was introduced in August 2014 in a Philadelphia ShopRite.

The unveiling will be held at 2 p.m., Friday. The public is invited.


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