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Types Of Logic


March 9, 2017

There are many descriptors that are used in combination with the word logic, including deductive, inductive and convoluted. We can now add the descriptor “Trumpian.” Let’s examine how it works.

A person of power and influence is under investigation, including surveillance evidence, for a series of yet to be proven violations of American law. Since non-disclosure until charges are determined is also an accepted aspect of our legal procedure, little beyond the existence of an investigation has been disclosed to the American public.

Now the average person in that position, likely using a more common form of logic, might just lay low and use their power and influence to minimize the damage, but that’s not logical under Trumpian logic. No, using Trumpian logic, you just throw gasoline on the flames by bringing more attention and public pressure on the subject of your own investigation. Clever, maybe not so much!

Dick Wallace



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