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Glen Cannon Developer Responds To Public Hearing-Brevard


March 30, 2017

Josh Leder was contacted for comment after the public hearing:

“I thought the meeting went very well. I was certainly nervous when I saw that many people, but I was confident because I really recognized most of the people who were there. These weren’t just strangers. These have become my neighbors. I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know them over the past two and a half years, and I’ve spoken to just about everyone I saw at the meeting.

“I think they have got excellent questions, but they want the highlight reel to the game. And I’m meeting with the city and the county to see if they are even interested in a game.

“I don’t have the answers that they are looking for. Without the cooperation of the city and the county, you don’t have the opportunity to really enter into a serious agreement with an (investor) or hotel developer because the first question they ask you is ‘Do you have water and sewer?’ And if you don’t have it, the conversation is over.

“I think we have a long way to go. All I’m looking for is an opportunity to go out and market. This is really more a partnership between me, the city and the county to see if I can put together enough of a package to attract (an investor) to our market. They would never give me an incentive if we didn’t need it to tip the scale in our favor, to get a project that we otherwise couldn’t get.

“I think there is also a misunderstanding about the incentive. People think that we are taking it from the general funds, but really we are creating it.

“I’m currently paying about $15,000 a year in taxes. After I get done spending all this money and putting in a bunch of risk to create something for the community, it’s going to increase.”

Leder said it’s too early in the process to be making site plans available at this stage. The plans he currently has quantify how many possible units can be placed on the site and density levels to allow a civil engineer to work out the capacity for water and sewer.

“It’s not meant to be a visual because people will be misinformed by the level of data I have today. All it does is tells us whether or not it’s even realistic.”


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