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A Recipe For Disaster


May 22, 2017

Do you like reading about small children being maimed or killed? Then you will enjoy reading about Brevard’s latest bikeway endeavor.

An artist, who has been paid by the city, is painting children’s games in the middle of Brevard’s bikeway, which goes from McLean Road (near downtown Brevard) to the entrance of Pisgah National Forest. These brightly colored surface games are intended to attract small children into the middle of a heavily traveled bikeway where cyclists are sometimes pedaling at 20 miles an hour. These painted games sometimes span the entire width of the bikeway.

Small children have no concept of the dangers awaiting them when they run towards, or are engrossed in, the games. Their parents, who may be watching other children on the ball fields, or are talking with other people in the area, or are preoccupied with their devices, have no idea what their small children are doing.

This is a recipe for disaster! Some of these games are painted in curves of the bikeway, where no reasonable cyclist expects to encounter a small child.

The city needs to immediately paint over these surface games, or answer the question: How many injured children are you willing to accept before you eliminate these dangerous games from the middle of the Brevard bikeway?

Stephen Jackson



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