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Gun But Not Forgotten


June 8, 2017

The front-page article on the return of a stolen gun after 30 years was not only a nice human interest story, but it illustrated that, in a gun crazy country where any regulation is resisted, more information rather than less, helps.

If you have to have guns in private hands, something I am not wild about, it should include tracking information so that they are prevented, where possible, from falling into the hands of people who are either criminals or otherwise should be disqualified from owning one.

The presumption of the qualifications to own a gun is a distortion of the Second Amendment. The jurisdictions that place the burden on the potential gun owner to prove his/her responsibility are safer for it, despite the fact that they cannot prevent guns purchased in other jurisdictions from making their way into the hands of people with itchy trigger fingers.

Fred Cohn



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