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June 22, 2017

Either Michael Badger’s memory banks quit working in the mid 1960s or he has not bothered to keep abreast of the news since then. In either case, he cannot be a history buff, as he claims.

Badger is absolutely correct when he claims that Democrats were slaveholders, founded the KKK, imposed poll taxes and literacy tests to impede access by African Americans to the polls. And, indeed, many (Southern) Democrats and one Republican, John Tower of Texas, did oppose the Civil Rights Act in its final form as passed by the Senate. However, members of both parties strongly supported the Act in its final form (more than 60 percent of Democrats and more than 80 percent of Republicans).

What Badger wants us to believe is the Democrats of today are the kith and kin of the Democrats of the ‘60s and earlier; however, that is a demonstrably false canard. Repeating a canard does not make it true.

One need only consider the subsequent activities of those “Democrats” who opposed the Act subsequent to its passage. Senators Strom Thurmond, who converted to Republican in 1964, and J. William Fulbright, a segregationist who signed the Southern Manifesto, come to mind. And while Jesse Helms was not a senator during these tumultuous times, he was elected as a Republican senator for five terms and vigorously opposed the implementation of the rights specified by the Act of 1964.

Peter B. Mockridge



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