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Brevard's Number 7 Arts Gallery To Introduce Four New Artists - Brevard, NC


July 20, 2017

Number 7 Arts is featuring four artists for July/August. Freddie Hart: Enamel on Metal, Sue Hershey: Photography, Marian Miller: Stained Glass, and Nancy Rosenthal: Ceramics.

Come by Brevard’s 4th Friday Gallery Walk on Friday, July 28, from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. and meet these artists in person.

Freddie Hart creates in one of man’s oldest art forms: enameling. After creating a copper form, she cleans it in an acid bath and fires it multiple times in a kiln with the desired colors and design, at a temperature between 1850-2000 degrees.

Each firing is about 2 minutes; the pieces are then taken out, cooled and refired with additional colors. Freddie creates jewelry, metal bowls, dishes, and switch plates in unusual designs and colors.

Sue Hershey shoots some landscapes, but the bulk of her images are contemporary studies in composition, texture and color. They just happen to be parts of old retired farm trucks or sides of old brick buildings and barns; those things we find here in Western North Carolina. She has been a photographer for over 30 years, and studied under some well-known photographers.

Marian Miller’s stained glass work is exquisite. It is inspired by the geography and nature that surrounds us here in Western North Carolina. It is a tough art medium, as the design must be drawn out to take into consideration the way glass will break when scored with a hand-cutter. Most of her work is done in the traditional “copper foil” method perfected by Tiffany, but she often incorporates an element that has been fused in a kiln, manipulated with a torch, overlaid with molten solder detail on copper, or fusing many layers of stained glass together in a hot kiln.

Nancy Rosenthals’s interest in art began with painting and stained glass, but one day she tried wheel throwing and fell in love with creating in clay. You can see her love of wildlife through the life-like animal ceramics she creates. And many times she incorporates the environment the particular wildlife lives in. Number 7 Arts is located at 2 W. Main St. in downtown Brevard. The Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


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