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Deputies Were Doing Their Jobs


July 20, 2017

This letter is an answer to Bill Livingston’s article in the July 17 “Opinions of the Readers” titled “Use of Taxpayer Money” regarding elected officials commitment to maximizing the efficiency of our tax dollars. He was concerned about using tax dollars to pay the expenses for six uniformed law enforcement officers to serve as “parking attendants” before and during U.S. Representative Mark Meadows fundraising event on July 7.

First, our deputy sheriffs were not parking vehicles at this event. They were performing security for the U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows. There were rumors of a demonstration to be held at this event, and everyone knows how easily they recently have been turning into violent situations.

It is the job of the Transylvania Sheriff’s Department to perform security whenever a federal government elected official is in the county. They did a great job checking the building for explosives before the event and curtailed any violence before it occurred before or after the event. Thanks to our law enforcement officers for doing an excellent job of keeping us all safe, including the demonstrators.

Livingston surely must remember that we recently had a shooting at a baseball practice where Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and is still in critical condition.

John Dorner



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