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Term Limits For Local Offices


July 27, 2017

It is interesting that only two of our local elected officials do not list their home or office addresses. Those two officials are Jason Chappell and Marty Griffin. Chappell and Griffin list post office boxes for their address. I guess their constituents could walk into the post office and knock on the outside of their boxes, but I doubt if there would be an answer. It seems to me that if someone wants to run for public office, he/she should be willing to be open to their constituents as to where they live or work.

In addition, for those who believe in term limits as I do, it appears that we are growing a bunch of career politicians in Transylvania County who apparently believe they are indispensable. The argument that if someone is doing a good job, why shouldn’t he/she continue to serve and to run for re-election until they are voted out, ignores the fact that new faces with new ideas makes for a healthier democracy. As a general rule, the longer public elected officials stay in office, the more distant they become.

Bob Youngerman



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