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August 28, 2017

On Aug. 19 an old woman decided it would be great fun to join the younger folks in a canoe trip down the French Broad River. With 50 plus years since my last Canoeing effort perhaps that was not my best decision.

I climbed in full of enthusiasm, the first of the group to launch and 30 seconds later was upside down, several yards from the dock and tossed out of a run-a-way canoe. Initially the rest of my group found the episode quite entertaining, which I am sure it was.

However, the current was strong; I was not and my heart decided this would be a good time to skip a few beats. Still, nothing really untoward was obvious to the people on the dock.

Fortunately for me, Everett and his son were fishing very close to my spill and instead of asking silly questions like “do you need help,” Everett jumped in and pulled me upright. Then, realizing I had no chance of fighting that current back to the dock alone, he pretty much pulled me the whole way back. Apparently Everett is as great a father as he is a human as his son immediately chased down the canoe while dad helped this old woman.

If this man is indicative of the Brevard residents, then this is truly a fantastic town in which to live. We came for the eclipse and a Knights’ family reunion and got so much more. Thanks.

Bobbi Knights

N. Las Vegas, Nev.


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