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BCBS Needs To Negotiate Honorably


September 25, 2017

Frankly, I’m surprised no one has initiated a class action law suit against BCBSNC. Their unwillingness to fairly negotiate with Mission has put their insured members in an untenable position. BCBS has offered a list of alternative locations for care but they have neglected to consider the fact that many folks do not have reliable transportation to avail themselves of the options. In effect, BCBS is denying many coverage. When they accepted premium payments from these folks, they entered into a contract which they are not honoring.

I recently moved to North Carolina and, thus, am not familiar with state departments and the control the various state departments have. But, I would think that the Commissioner of Insurance should be able to successfully encourage BCBS to consider the needs of their insured and return to the negotiation table with Mission. Where is the commissioner and what is he doing about this? It seems to me that it is his duty to see that these residents are protected.

I am on Medicare and BCBSNC is currently my supplemental insurance. I understand Medicare recipients are not affected by the decision of BCBS to discontinue negotiating with Mission. However, after reading about how obstinate BCBS is being with regard to the Mission discussions, I have decided to switch to United Health Care as soon as open enrollment is available. I prefer to deal with a more honorable insurer. Also, if BCBSNC is so unwilling to deal fairly (and may I add maturely) with Mission, what compunctions would they have with regard to their insured members?

Noreen Rutledge



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