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False Comparisons And Erasing History


September 25, 2017

Charles Brendle in apparent defense of statues in (largely) Southern cities erected to celebrate courageous leaders who fought on behalf of the seceding states, observes that Germany has preserved the Auschwitz death camp, hoping, I suppose, that the readership is not bright enough to discern the difference between Auschwitz and statues commemorating men who fought to retain slavery in the seceding states. He underestimates the discernment of those readers.

If statues had been erected to commemorate the lives of African human beings who were enslaved, lynched, lashed, or separated from their natal families to be sold into slavery with the same fervor that resulted in the near ubiquitous presence of statues in Southern town squares and these statues were at risk for removal or destruction, then he might have a leg to stand on. Since neither is true, his is an egregious false equivalency. He should know better.

In the same issue, Renee Bruce, also apparently in defense of such statuary (wanting the reader to infer that their removal from town squares is akin to erasure of the history which they commemorate) lists three luminaries – William Samuel Johnson, George Washington Carver and Werner von Braun. The first two men were not all afraid to articulate their faith (I’m not at all sure what that has to do with the issue at hand – certainly their images are not found cast in bronze in many city squares and there is no general movement to remove any statues of them, if any exist).

But Werner von Braun – please! A Nazi of the first water who first sold his soul to Hitler and National Socialism, von Braun later sold his soul to the Department of Defense of the United States as opposed to being captured by the Soviets and selling his soul to them. Has she forgotten the deadly misery to which civilians of London were subjected resulting from von Braun’s V1 and V2 rockets? If he had not had a skill set that the DoD coveted, he would likely have been tried as a war criminal.

Talk about erasing history!

Peter B. Mockridge



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