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Kudos For Family Resource Center


October 2, 2017

My heartfelt thanks to all those working to streamline the paperwork to be filled out and the access to agencies that must be visited by victims of domestic violence. It was great to read about the support, legwork and paper work that Commissioner Lemel, Sheriff Mahoney, Chief Harris and many others have done to move ahead on the Family Resource Center.

Those of us who know anything about the suffering most women have endured before they gain the courage to speak up and to file papers for legal action are very, very happy to hear about this recent progress towards making the little white house, the former elections bureau, the home of our Transylvania County Family Resource Center. The center has secured three grants so far: one will fund a domestic violence investigator at the Sheriff’s Office and two grants for SAFE, one funding their ongoing work and one for a victim navigator. You can see the list of 12 governmental agencies and community agencies that will have an individual housed in the center on page 12A of The Transylvania Times Sept. 21 issue.

Sheriff Mahoney’s report on his visit to Buncombe County‘s Family Justice Center reveals, among other things, that a domestic violence victim typically fills out as many as 50 forms, travels up to eight times to various support agencies, talks to 21 different people and receives up to 30 referrals. Many of these women are injured, locked out of their houses, have their bank accounts closed and have no access to a car. Astounding is what I say, even criminal. Most cases that are reported never make it to trial.

One year Buncombe County had eight domestic deaths and Transylvania County had four. For too long our religious communities, our social agencies and our governmental agencies have not responded effectively to these victims.

Thanks to SAFE for its excellent work these many years to support all the family members affected by a family system that is broken. Thanks to all who have worked to support its mission and those who have donated generously.

Janet (Alex) Burroughs

Pisgah Forest


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