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This Week's Outdoor Destination: Dill Falls


October 2, 2017

Kevin Adams Photography

Dill Falls

Our destination hike this week is Dill Falls, a ten-minute hike from the car. Dill Falls is located on Tanasee Creek, which feeds Wolf Lake in Jackson County. Easy to reach and beautiful, this 65 footer is one of three that is closely accessible. Faint trails that lead up the creek from the parking lot lead to Upper Dill Falls and Cody Falls, but the main Dill cascade is the most eye catching.

Getting There

From Brevard, take the U.S. 64 west and make a right on N.C. 215. Drive 14.4 miles until you reach Forest Service Rd FS 4663 on the left. The turn looks like it might lead to the house nearby, but this is a gated forest service road that is normally closed from Dec. 15 and March 15.

This is the first road past Pinhook Rd. and the last road before the Blue Ridge Parkway.

At 1.9 miles down this gravel road, FS 4663B veers to the left, where you will drive half a mile down to a dead end. The trail to Dill Falls is the only well-traveled trail from the parking lot. The hike should take most people about ten minutes downhill.

As always, wear proper shoes when exploring local waterfalls. Never climb to the top of them, instead, view them from the bottom where it is safe. People die every year exploring local waterfalls.


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