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Do You Remember?


October 9, 2017

How many of you can remember a campaign to build a new Community Hospital in Transylvania County? Can you remember hundreds of people at Ecusta and DuPont and other companies donating part of their weekly income for a year or more to ensure this would happen? Did you know hundreds of people donated large sums of money? Look for their names on plaques posted in the hospital.

Can you remember when your child was born in this county? Can you remember when your primary care doctor made rounds at the hospital? Have you lost your doctor because he/she is new and not seeing enough patients to satisfy the bureaucrats in the Mission Health System? Have you lost your doctor because he/she was fed up with the Mission Health System dictating to them how to treat patients and allotting a specific amount of time to spend with each one?

Do you wonder about the salary of the people making these decisions?

We have a wonderful facility and many dedicated employees working within the system, but I ask you what good are they if we cannot use them?

How about the issue with BCBS? Looks like for a nonprofit system, money is the issue with mission! Starting today, Gail and I are looking for medical care in the Pardee or Park Ridge Health Care System.

Finally, is anyone else as fed up with Mission as I am?

Bramley Fisher



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