By Rob Owen 

Transylvania County Ghost Stories: Strange Creature Disappears, Ghosts Sighted In County


October 26, 2017

•In 1945, a mountain man from Rich Mountain spotted two of his prize pigs being carried away by a creature standing at least 10 to 12 feet tall. In 1976, a car was found in Brittan’s pasture with the door ripped off its hinges. Hunters have tracked animals into the area where the creature has been seen, but the hunting dogs won’t go any farther than the pasture.

•Years ago Lawrence Porter heard hammering all during the night. When he investigated the next morning, he found his neighbor had made a makeshift coffin and had propped his front door open with it. He had hung himself and had the rope fixed to lower his body into the coffin. To this day the front door will not stay closed.

•Between Wolf Lake and Balsam Grove is a rock and the mountainside that has hundreds of hoof prints of every size engraved in the stone. It is believed that Horseback Rock was the site of a Satanic cult during the early 1700s. At night you can hear chanting and screams coming from the rock.

•A 10-year-old girl went missing and a search went on for weeks after he disappearance, but to no avail. Coming back from Asheville late one night, Denise and Ruth saw a small girl standing in the road. They swerved to miss her, and when the car came to rest, they checked around the car for the little girl, but she was gone. They saw the girl once more on the same road a couple of nights later. The little girl’s body was found a week late 10 yards into the woods from the road. She had wandered away from home and apparently froze to death in the night.

•In Pisgah Forest, there stands an abandoned house in which a girl was strangled to death by her father. At night some have been said to have seen her walking in the field beside her home.

•A young man, hunting with his dog, “Duke,” came upon a place in the old quarry that looked to be a very good spot to stop and stake out the watering hole at the other end. As he sat down, “Duke” raised himself off the ground and raised every hackle on his back as well. Standing no more than 30 feet from the hunter and his dog was a creature of unknown description. The creature had the horns of a goat, the head of a mountain lion, the body of a bear, the hooves and tail of a horse. The hunter shot dead center between the eyes and the creature fell dead before his feet. For three days the hunter accompanied by his dog, “Duke,” took the creature up and down the country roads that surrounded his home to show off his unusual kill. On the third night, the creature disappeared and has been seen in Williamson Creek, Rich Mountain and Cedar Mountain. Some say the creature was stolen by a jealous or spiteful hunter or collector, but others say it still walks.

Editor’s note: this story first appeared in the Times in 1991.


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