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Jordan Street Arts Opens In Downtown Brevard - Brevard, NC


November 13, 2017

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Customers take some close up and middle distance views of the paintings available at Jordan Street Arts, which opened on Nov. 1.

Jordan Street Arts, located at 25 W. Jordan St. in downtown Brevard, opened its doors to the community on Wednesday, Nov. 1. Jordan Street Arts is a new cooperative art gallery featuring fine art and skilled craftsmanship of area artists.

"The goal of Jordan Street Arts is to create a vibrant, interactive, family-friendly environment for both artists and patrons," said co-owners Keith and Amy Braman. "We encourage our artists to be present and active in the gallery, so that patrons can meet and interact with the artist(s) as they fall in love with the pieces they create."

An artist himself, Keith Braman opened the gallery to allow artists to profit 100 percent from their work. Braman states, "We provide a store front in downtown for area artists to lease a space in order to display their work in the community." The only cost to the artist is a reasonable monthly space rental fee.

In lieu of a sales commission, Jordan Street Arts requires their artists to act as gallery host/attendant a couple of times per month.

Sandi Anton, one of the artists displaying her art at Jordan Street Arts, said, "The beauty of Jordan Street Arts is the friendly, open door attitude of the owners. The time obligation of working four hours a couple times per month is a benefit and blessing that allows me the chance to interact with the wonderful people of Brevard."

If an interested artist is unable or unwilling to fulfill the time requirement, a 25 percent commission will be assessed on their work sold.

Although not officially open, Jordan Streets Arts opened its doors for the October Gallery Walk. Erin Jones, one of JSA's artists painted on her signature wood canvas just outside the door on Jordan Street. Erin drew a steady crowd of onlookers as she created her latest work of art.

"That evening was designed to give the community a preview of what we are all about," said the Bramans. "It was a festive and exciting evening... a feeling we intend to cultivate on a daily basis."

"We have had a fantastic response so far," said Amy Braman, feeling blessed to be a part of the Brevard art scene. Reception from the community has been warm and enthusiastic with the retail neighbors welcoming and encouraging Jordan Street Arts as part of the Jordan Street family. Brevard is unique in its love of music and art and Jordan Street is fast becoming the perfect street to stroll and enjoy the art gallery(s), businesses, and fine restaurant(s). Additionally, the improved parking lot offers plenty of parking spaces for easy access to the area.

Courtesy Photo

Amy Braman, one of the co-owners of Jordan Street Arts, stands proudly in front of some artwork. The artists at the gallery pay a fee to rent a small space but receive 100 percent of the profits.

Jordan Street Arts has made classroom/meeting room space available for the general public to rent by the hour. The space accommodates up to 10 people.

"Anyone who teaches any type of art class is welcome to rent the space," Braman said, "It can also be utilized as a meeting space." There are table and chairs as well as a coffee maker and mini-fridge provided.

Most importantly, Jordan Street Arts is currently accepting artists and fine craftsman of all mediums. There is a variety of space sizes available ranging from shelf and display case shelves to wall space and wall/floor combo spaces.

"We want to provide a showcase for every type of art and fine craft, encompassing pottery to jewelry, paintings, sculptures, carvers, writers, digital arts and more."

To learn more, visit Jordan Street Arts from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Tuesday - Saturday, or call (828) 384-3816. Jordan Street Arts' page can also be found on Facebook.


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