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New At The Library: The Unconscious Mind Has Tremendous Control - Brevard, NC


November 27, 2017

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Berg, Elizabeth. “The Story of Arthur Truluv.” Every day, Arthur tends his roses and goes to the cemetery to eat lunch with his late wife. That is until he meets 18-year-old Maddie, who goes to the cemetery to escape from the kids at school. A friendship begins and both learn how to start life anew. (FIC BER)

Early, Hank. “Heaven’s Crooked Finger.” An Earl Marcus mystery. Evangelical, snake-handling preacher RJ Marcus died a long time ago, but his son Earl just received a picture in the mail of his father. And he’s alive. With great trepidation, Earl goes back home to the Church of the Holy Flame. He did everything he could to get out of town. And what’s up with the teenage girls who keep going missing? (M FIC EAR)

Gary, Romain. “The Kites.” Ludo instantly falls in love the first moment he sees Lila, a young aristocratic Polish girl who moves in next to his home. He pursues her openly, but it takes a bit of time for Lila to warm to Ludo. And just as she does, Hitler’s rise in Germany is complete and the war begins. Lila and her family disappear when the Nazis invade Poland, but Ludo makes it his mission to find her. (FIC GAR)

Koontz, Dean. “The Whispering Room.” A Jane Hawk novel. After a teacher takes her own life, most people believe she must have been crazy, but Jane knows she wasn’t. Jane’s husband killed himself and so have numerous other people, and when Jane finds the group of heartless people determined to take over America’s future for their own gain, she goes after them. Even though Jane is an FBI agent, she has to go it alone as one of the nation’s most wanted fugitives in order to thwart the groups’ plans. (FIC KOO)


Bargh, John. “Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do.” Dr. Bargh and his colleagues have figured out the science of why we do what we do, and it all starts in the unconscious mind. Who we date, what we are addicted to and where we decide to live are just a few of the many things influenced by the unconscious mind. Bargh even offers a few tricks of how to fool our brains. (152.2 BAR)

Bolitho, Mark. “The Art and Craft of Geometric Origami.” The centuries-old art of practicing origami is a way for people to be mindful and peaceful even when life gets intense. The Buddhists were the first to make origami, or the art of creating shapes from pieces of paper. The collection of designs in this book are beautiful, small works of art. (736.982)

Dawson, Kate Winkler. “Death in the Air.” The true story of a serial killer, the great London smog and the strangling of a city. A smog so thick that the city was held hostage for five days descended on London in 1953, killing at least 12,000 people. Public transportation stopped, criminals ran amok and six women were murdered by a killer at large. Dawson retells the story of a real life thriller. (364.152 DAW)

“Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic.” Would you like learn about the origins of the Philosopher’s Stone? Or find out how to deal with pesky trolls? This collection of carefully curated treasures from the British Library will answer those questions and more. It covers Hogwart’s curriculum, including Defense Against the Dark Arts and showcases J.K. Rowling’s unseen manuscript pages. (823.914)


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