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Last updated 11/29/2017 at 4:11pm

I titled this piece “Breaking News” because it seems that just about every day there is some new happening that deserves those words. There are plenty events from the North Korean issue to the sexual harassment saga, to the cover-ups in Washington where taxpayers have been paying to subsidize politicians’ hush money.

In the case of the almost daily announcements of a new name in the sexual harassment issue, I believe that is a problem crying out for some definitions. Exactly what does sexual harassment mean? We need laws to answer that question. And, I believe any law should include a requirement that any violation of the law be reported to authorities within a specified timeframe. We are seeing a cultural shift, and definitions and boundaries are crucial.

Regarding the issue in Washington where hush money has been paid by politicians to keep inappropriate behavior quiet, this is not a surprise. This is not a partisan issue and anyone who tries to make it one is way off base. It is simply, the most recent example of corruption in our capital. We will never know the magnitude of the sleazy deals made with lobbyists or other special interest groups. In the case of the hush money, I would vote for revealing the perpetrators and requiring them to repay the taxpayers’ money. I will not hold my breathe for that. They are circling the wagons on this one.

As I write this, the TV is reporting more “Breaking News” — Matt Lauer has been fired!

Charles Brendle

Pisgah Forest


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